DawgPoundUSA 3Way Big Dick Booty Fest

by blackgayporn on March 5, 2013

Big Dick Black & Latino Gay 3way Big Dick Booty Fuckfest - DawgPoundUSA

DawgPoundUSA hits Black Gay Porn Blog with another big dick black and latino 3way booty fest. This time we have sexy chocolate Rio with his tight worked-out body and big dick. He is joined by the equally packing latino papi, Samson and power-bottom Aquarius – ¬†who takes dick like a pro. After some dick sucking, […]


DawgPoundUSA Big Dick 3Way Booty Stretching

by blackgayporn on May 9, 2011

big dick black gay porn stars stretching booty at dawgpoundusa

DawgPoundUSA always brings the big dicks to Black Gay Porn Blog and this video is no exception. Three big dick black gay porn stars, Venom, Kris and Jay Vegas get together for some dick sucking, ass eating, booty stretching action. After smoking a blunt, Venom and Kris start kissing, their dicks get all hard and […]

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Booty Bandit Slim Goodie Fucks Baby Star at ThugBoy

by blackgayporn on March 2, 2011

big dick Slim Goodie fucks Baby Star at Thugboy

Baby Star and ThugBoy fans this one is for you. Love him or hate him, one thing about Baby Star he knows how to take some dick – if you are gonna bottom, do it right. In this video he gets dicked down by big dick Slim Goodie. Baby Star heads back to visit Miami […]


Happy Bootyful New Year From Black Gay Porn Blog

by blackgayporn on January 1, 2011

Happy New Year Booty from Black Gay Porn Blog

Black Gay Porn Blog wishes you a Happy New Year filled with lots of tight, wet, booty and juicy big black dick! OK, on the real, once again, we wanna thank all our loyal visitors and supporters and just let you guys know we appreciate you. Thank you for a great 2010 and we look […]


Jack Of Trades Fucks Micky: Dark Thunder

by blackgayporn on December 9, 2010

hardcore black gay fucking at Dark Thunder

Jack of Trades and his curved black dick impressed the folks at Dark Thunder in his solo video, so they brought him back for some hardcore black gay porn. In this video, he is paired with Micky, who dives right in and starts sucking on that dick. After a whole lotta slurp, slurp, suck suck, […]


Booty Eating & Big Dick Riding: Malo & Usher

by blackgayporn on November 15, 2010

booty eating and riding big black dick - Malo & Usher Richbanks

Time to eat some serious ass and ride a big black dick, as PapiCock returns to the blog. This video features Usher Richbanks, who is packing a big curved dick and sexy-ass Malo with that tight, juicy, bubblelicious booty. After taking a nap, it’s time to get down to some serious fucking. Usher wakes Malo […]


Black Gay Porn Star Markell Fucks JR

by blackgayporn on July 23, 2010

Time for some big dick black gay thug love, as Thug Seduction returns to the blog. For those who don’t know, sexy-azz black gay porn star, Markell, has now joined the crew. In this video, he pipes down JR, who certainly knows how to take some good black dick. I’m a Markell fan, so this […]


Big Dick Ace Rockwood Fucks JR: ThugSeduction

by blackgayporn on June 9, 2010

There’s a black gay porn site out there, creating a lot of buzz – I am talking about Thug Seduction. It’s all about big dick black gay thugs stroking, sucking, fucking and nuttin Detroit style. This video features, Ace Rockwood(y’all have been searching for me on the blog) and JR. The sight of JR’s booty, […]

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Big Dick Black Bareback Porn: BreedItRaw

by blackgayporn on June 7, 2010

Time for some black bareback porn, as BreedItRaw debuts at Black Gay Porn Blog. If you get off on black gay dudes and homothugs, from the hood, fucking bareback, then this is definitely for you. In this video, Maseo fucks the shit out of Pyros, who takes that big black dick, down his throat and […]


Big dick, black gay porn star, Rock’s new site, RFGangstaz, finally debuts, at Black Gay Porn Blog, with this hot video, featuring, the man himself, Rock, and voracious bottom, Kidd. Some of you have been asking about Rock on the forum, so now you know what he’s been up to, bringing us some more of […]