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Big Dick Drilla & Bam Bam BreedItRaw

by blackgayporn on August 15, 2014

Driila and Bam Bam - BreedItRaw big dick black bareback gay porn - Drilla fucks Bam Bam raw

Okay black bareback porn fans, it’s #FlashbackFriday but we aren’t flashing that far back. It’s the clash of the big dicks as Drilla and Bam Bam get together for some bareback fucking at BreedItRaw. Things heat up(literally) in the sauna with some passionate kissing and Bam Bam slurping and feasting on Drilla’s huge pipe. From […]


Krave, Red & Astengo – NextDoorEbony

by blackgayporn on August 8, 2014

NextDoorEbony big dick black gay porn - Krave, Red and Astengo

NextDoorEbony brings some big dick action back to Black Gay porn Blog and this time it is a sizzling threesome with Krave Moore, Red and fat ass Astengo. I don’t even feel like going into the storyline, I just wanna jump right in. Okay it’s Astengo birthday, he’s not feeling well and Krave and Red […]

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Black Gay Porn Blog On Facebook

by blackgayporn on August 8, 2014

black gay porn blog on Facebook - sexy black men

Black Gay Porn Blog is back on Facebook. Our new Facebook Page was launched this week, if you aren’t already doing so, please head on over and like the page. Look out for special competitions from your favorite studios, longer videos and more – available only to those who like the page. Of course, we […]


Black Gay Porn Blog Kicks Off Fitness Campaign

by blackgayporn on August 1, 2014

#getfitgethealthystaysexy - Black Gay Porn Blog launches fitness campaign - #fitfriday

Black Gay Porn Blog kicked off our first #FitFriday on Twitter on Tumblr with our #getfitgethealthystaysexy campaign. Come for the eye-candy and maybe pick up some tips and #fitnessmotivation along the way. Inspired by our bossman’s recent struggle with heart disease, we are all committed to getting and staying fit. It is not only sexy […]

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Black Gay Porn Throwback DeAngelo Jackson & Sebastian

by blackgayporn on August 1, 2014

Thugboy black gay porn throwback - DeAngelo Jackson & Sebastian Alexander

Here is a black gay porn throwback from ThugBoy, featuring DeAngelo Jackson and Sebastian Alexander. This also happens to be the top rated of all scenes on the site, proving once again that when it comes to DeAngelo Jackson you don’t have to have the biggest dick on the site to have the best scenes. […]


Ace Rockwood, Mike Mann & Chitown – PapiThugz

by blackgayporn on July 29, 2014

Papithugz big dick black and latino gay porn - Ace Rockwod, Mike Mann & Chitown

PapiThugz brings some more big dick action to Black Gay Porn Blog with Ace Rockwood, Mike Mann and newbie, Chitown, in Chicago Dick Down. Chitown finds out what it’s like to get your asshole rearranged and torn the fuck up by two big dicks, including Mike’s monster meat. He sucks both dicks(even taking them both […]

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Sexy Black Men – Follow Us On Tumblr for Eye-Candy

by blackgayporn on July 17, 2014

sexy black men - black male eye-candy - johnny crome

In case you don’t follow Black Gay Porn Blog on Twitter – @blackgayporn – you might not know that we also have a Tumblr blog. We not only post versions of the updates you see right here(usually minus the videos), but we also post sexy black men, eye-candy, big bulges, etc. You know the kind […]


Kiern & Nubius Fuck Damian at NextDoorEbony

by blackgayporn on July 15, 2014

NextDoorEbony black gay porn threeway - Nubius, Kiern Duecan and Damian Brooks

NextDoorEbony returns to Black Gay Porn Blog with a threeway featuring Nubius, Kiern Duecan and Damian Brooks. They are all dancers at the club but only Damian gets love from the owner, so haters Nubius and Kiern decide to teach him a lesson. Okay storyline over, you know where this is going – they are […]


DawgPoundUSA Big Dick Fuck Down – Python & Venom

by blackgayporn on July 14, 2014

DawgPoundUSA big dick black gay porn - Python fucks huge dick Venom

DawgPoundUSA return to Black Gay Porn Blog with some more hardcore big dick fucking, featuring Python and Venom. With his muscular body, big pipe and alpha male personality, Python is probably the most popular top on the site and versatile Venom and his huge dick are always a familiar and welcome addition to most scenes. […]


ThugBoy Video – Tyson TKO Fucks Tastee

by blackgayporn on July 13, 2014

Thugboy black gay porn - thick dick TKO aka Tyson fucks Tastee

Here’s a black gay porn throwback from ThugBoy featuring TKO fka Tyson and Tastee. After seeing each other at the club the night before, TKO bumps into cutie Tastee and ain’t trying to let him go until he has him back at the crib so he can tame that ass. Sexy-azz TKO has always been […]