African Bodybuilder: Big Black Dick @ Powermen

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In the world of gay porn, and certainly bodybuilder porn, it is not that strange to see a black bodybuilder, all naked, big dick standing proudly erect and huge muscles bulging. Bodybuilder videos are quite common, however, it is quite uncommon, to find an African bodybuilder on a gay porn site. Black Gay Porn Blog welcomes PowerMen, to the blog, and especially African bodybuilding champion, Barry Marshall, who is, apparently, the National Bodybuilding Champion of Uganda. There is something very beautiful about a black male bodybuilder and nude bodybuilders, gay, straight, or bi, can be found all over the place, but this is definitely a rarity. African hunks like this and especially, nude bodybuilders, are welcome on this blog, anytime! Even in black gay porn, there aren’t that many african men, period, let alone a pro african bodybuilder, with a big thick dick and juicy muscular bubble-butt(my bad, aren’t they called glutes?).african bodybuilder flexes, poses and strokes his big black dick Barry Marshall is very comfortable in front of the camera, posing, teasing in his underwear with his big bulge, flexing, stroking his thick black dick, showing off his ass and shooting a big load. This is black muscle at its finest, straight from Africa and we love black muscle men! A few black bodybuilders have entered the gay porn industry, on sites like PowerMen, only to regret it, so I hope we see more of this african man, muscles, big dick, booty, pecs, glutes, hamstrings, biceps and all that makes a black male bodybuilder a joy to behold!

African bodybuilder strokes his big thick dick

PowerMen has this to say, about this African bodybuilder: “Barry Marshall is a genetic masterpiece. He also happens to be the National Bodybuilding Champion of Uganda. Besides all his massive muscles he has a huge butt from heaven. But the list of his delicious physical properties does not end there …. At 6’2″ everything is even larger than it appears on photos. Enjoy Barry Marshall, another exclusive PowerMen Discovery!

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You might wonder what the fuss is all about, but in a country, like Uganda or other African countries, where homosexuality is still illegal, appearing on a gay bodybuilder muscle porn site, even in a solo video, which doesn’t mean he is gay, is a big deal(which might explain, why we don’t see that many African men in porn, apart from the bias). Even more so, when you are a pro bodybuilder(bodybuilders are definitely not seen as gay, or having homosexual tendencies in Africa) and the National Bodybuilding Champion. So kudos to Barry Marshall, for daring to be different! Go get more of him at PowerMen.

After doing some homework, Black Gay Porn Blog can confirm, that this guy is in fact an African bodybuilder, but his name and country of origin have been changed. I guess this was done to protect him, so I won’t reveal the details here. The backlash from other African bodybuilders has already started, so I’m guessing he won’t be very welcome in that community anymore. Oh well, I guess he will have to do more gay porn, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he begs to have this PowerMen shoot taken down, contract or not. I’m watching this story…..