Sarge Treshawn & Young Buck Big Dick Dawgpound 3Way

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DawgPound brings another big dick black 3way to Black Gay Porn Blog, featuring hot as fuck Sarge, Treshawn and Young Buck. If you are going to have a threesome this is the way to do it – with the exception of Treshawn everybody fucks and gets fucked. Let me break it down for y’all. First there’s some serious dick sucking -n Young Buck suck’s Treshawn’s big dick, the he sucks Sarge, then Sarge swallows Treshawn’s dick, then moves over to Young Buck’s pipe. It’s black gay porn, so you know they gotta eat ass like they’ve been fasting for 40 days, then Sarge sucks Treshawn while Young Buck blesses Sarge’s dick. See what I mean and that was just the sucking and rimming. Now on to the fucking – Treshawn gets all up inside Sarge’s booty(can you blame him?), Sarge dicks Young Buck down, Young Buck returns the favor and bangs Sarge’s booty-hole. Then it is on to what we like to call a manwich Treshawn blows Young Buck’s back out, while Young Buck is fucking Sarge – Young Buck must have been in black gay sex heaven. Then FINALLY Treshawn hits Sarge’s ass again and everybody busts fat nuts – now that’s a black gay 3way!

big dick black gay 3way - Sarge, Treshawn and Young Buck at Dawgpound

Big Dick Black Gay 3Way Dawgpound Video

LOL – who was the muthafucka on Twitter who wondered if I actually watched the videos before posting? That’s how you break down a scene biatch, it doesn’t get more detailed than that! Now for more sexy black gay men and big dick thugs fucking like dogs, get your hungry butt over to DawgPoundUSA.