DawgPoundUSA: Big Dick Python Brutalizes Rocky’s Booty

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Sexy-ass big dick Python, one of the most popular tops in black gay porn, returns to Black Gay Porn Blog in another booty-pounding DawgPoundUSA video. Python fans will be glad to see the big dick booty bandit back on the blog – almost as glad as Rocky was to get his back blown out by the aggressive ass smasher. This is straight up hardcore fucking from start to finish. Python plays with that ass for a minute then slides that big thick pipe all up in that hole. Not much warming up or letting that booty-hole get used to the dick, it is pure black gay anal wreckage. You get to see that hole get wider as it is stretched by Python’s hard black mamba. It’s that good pain from the look on Rocky’s face, as he feels that huge thang thrust in and out of his booty, like it’s real pussy.

At one point, you hear Rocky cry out for some lube – you know his ass was on fire from all that big black dick. By the time Python busts a nut, you just know that booty had been brutalized, needing some serious days of rest and recuperation (at least I hope so). For more Python, hardcore fucking and some of the sexiest dudes in black gay porn, get your jumping dick over to DawgPoundUSA and make that cum rag all sticky!