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DawgPound returns to Black Gay Porn Blog with some more big dick hardcore fucking and this is a good one, especially if you love muscles. Sexy muscle homie, Sarge is joined by Soulja and newbie power-bottom, Artist. After messing around and showing off their muscles on the beach, they take things indoors and everyone has only one muscle on their minds, the big hard black one between their legs. Dicks are hard and it’s time for some dick sucking, ass eating and hard fucking. DawgPoundUSA describes Artists as one their hottest discoveries ever, he could teach Dick Taking 101 and How To Milk A Dick 101. Soulja and Sarge take turns fucking that tight ass and it doesn’t matter how hard they stab that shit, Artist takes it like man. Then things get really interesting, as Sarge is fucking Artist, Soulja can’t resist that legendary muscle ass and slides his big dick all up in Sarge’s booty. I always say the dude in the middle is the luckiest, Sarge is getting that booty-hole drilled, while fucking Artist in the ass – hot shit!

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Big Dick Black Muscle Homies Fucking at DawgPoundUSA

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In the video above, we also included a scene with Sarge and big monster dick Venom. Sarge is in the mood for some ass, but he also can’t resist that huge dick, so it’s a hot flip-flop fuck down. I’m all for the flip-flop, so this is hot as fuck to me. Your dick is brick, you are there stroking(I can see you), so go get that nut. Grab the lube or vaseline(for y’all old school muthafuckaz) and check out DawgPoundUSA for more big dick black gay porn.