Black Gay Thug Double R Dicks Down Haze

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Black Gay Porn Blog was cruising around Finest Black Men and stumbled upon another video with Double R, one of the sexiest black gay thugs in porn(ever). I really miss this homie’s pipe game and swag – he is sexy without trying too hard to do the thugged out, homothug gone mad thing. It just seems natural with him and you can still see his softer side, that shit turns me on. I can’t stand when dudes try too hard to be thugs – be you goddamit! I always thought he was one of the best tops back when he was still doing porn. Anyone know what happened to him? He’s got a nice ass too, nothing like watching the top’s ass bounce up and down, while tearing up some booty. In this scene, he is with Haze, who has certainly taken some big dicks in his time. Double R does what he does best and lays down that pipe, making Haze feel that good dick all up in his guts. Yeah, I miss me some Double R – ain’t that many sexy good tops in black gay porn these days, who know how to lay it down and can stay hard. We gonna have to start shipping out Cialis and Pipe Game 101. In the meantime, we can watch Double R and some of the other sexy performers from a couple of years back.

black gay thug big dick porn star Double R fucks Haze

Black Gay Thug Double R Fucks Haze: FinestBlackmen

big dick black gay thug Doube R fucks Haze: finestblackmen video

I like how they mix up the old with the new at Finest Black Men, because a lot of these older videos are hot as fuck. This blog post was supposed to be up at 3am, it is now 5, so you know what I’ve been doing. I got a little distracted by Double R and all the other fine muthafuckas, big dicks and bubble-butts, at Finest Black Men.