Chase Coxxx Launches Juicy Gigolo Entertainment

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Black gay porn star, Chase Coxxx, recently launched his own production company, Juicy Gigolo Entertainment. Chase has been in the biz for a few years now and worked with various studios. Unhappy with the way non-white performers are treated by white owned(which would be most) companies, he decided it was time to do his own thing. Known for his big dick, long stroke and sharp wit, we’ve seen Chase Coxxx the porn star and now it’s time for him to put on the director’s hat. He promises to shoot racially diverse bareback porn without all the extra, nasty raunchier stuff. If you get off on all that stuff, more power to you, but I’m with him on this one. Just because dude’s are fucking raw, doesn’t mean we have to always have all that extra nastiness a lot of the mainstream bareback studios are dishing out these days. Straight porn is almost all raw, but it’s also full of very hot scenes without constant spitting in the face, assholes that have been turned inside out by bodybuilder fists and forearms and all that piggy stuff. If the sex is hot, I don’t need all that extra shit, but that’s just me. If Juicy Gigolo Entertainment is going to leave out that stuff, that’s fine by me. Some “porn stars” need to take Dick Sucking and Ass Fucking 101 anyway, before venturing into the darker, raunchier side lol.

big dick black bareback porn star Chase Coxxx fucks Robby Mendez in Wet, Juicy and Stretched

Chase Coxxx Fucks Robby Mendez Preview Video

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Chase Coxxx released his debut DVD, Wet Juicy and Stretched, last month, starring Chase and latino power bottom, Robby Mendez. There is one scene on the introductory DVD and it one very long scene – about 45 minutes. Luckily, Robby Mendez is a pro at taking big dicks, because I don’t think the avergage dude can take Chase Coxx’s dick for that long. He tears that ass up and busts an award-worthy nut all over that hole, then, as they do in bareback porn, shoves his pulsating raw dick back in that hole. I’m guessing future DVDs will be more than one scene, this just gives us a taste of what’s to come. We wish Chase Coxxx and Juicy Gigolo Entertainment success – whether you watch bareback porn or not, I’d rather see a black man running his own company, than just complaining and taking no action, like a lot of us do. Stream or Download Wet Juicy and Stretched.